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November 11, 2019
SEX IS SWEET!!! But it will Cost you.
November 12, 2019


The bibbles says that a wise woman builds her home, but the foolish one, destroy her home with her own hands the main question that men ask does wise women really exist and those who seem to be wise are they for real, this are just but some of the characters of wise woman:

  1. A BITTER Woman says “all Men are the same”. WISE Woman decides to stop choosing the same types of Men. And this how she does it, she just chooses that one man, kills her most sensitive sense that’s hearing, she stops comparing the man with other be it because of his financial status nor his stands.
  2. The Beauty of a Woman can take her to the Palace, but her Character would Determine how Long she stays in the Palace. The fact is Beauty attracts Men but Characters Keep them. A man will be attracted to you as a woman because of his beauty but the beauty becomes irrelevant after sex and what happens is your characters keep him and make him never wish to be with another woman, but if you are with a man and he is still going out there to hunt, just know you are not doing enough and being enough is: check on the next article.
  3. Girls get Jealous because They know What other Girls are capable of doing. A woman will always get jealous because of other women and its normal but all happen and become of an impact when the lady know that he is not doing enough and he fears that the other woman might end up doing what she is not that exposing him to losing, the secret is be a real one and he will always whet to be with you.
  4. When True Love and Great Friendship happens at the same time, that’s when the magic occurs. People focus on love and forget the aspect of friendship as best friends do well in a relationship or marriage than the people who only focus on love thing a wise woman makes her man her best friend as she is well sure that the man will always be open.
  5. A Real Woman doesn’t choose the guy she thinks will Love her better, She chooses the guy who will Love her for Better or Worse. Women are deceived by words and by promises and they choose the one who is promising a lot and leave the one who loved them for who they are the wise woman chooses a man who loves him, not a man who is promising her a lot.
  6. What’s Worse? Loving Him and not Telling Him or Loving Him and Knowing He doesn’t. if you love a man as a woman don’t wait for him to tell you that he feels the same but instead let him know what you feel and when you realize that you love him and he doesn’t quite but change your character make him your best friend and the love will grow again.
  7. Once you have Feelings for Someone, those Feelings will always be there. You may not like them anymore, but you’ll still care. Don’t pretend don’t say that love goes with trust but know care goes with love don’t lose the love of your life work on your feeling.
  8. If you dare to Love Someone, you must dare to take the risk that the Person may Leave you. Be the one to make it work to be happy to make it as you will know the weak side of it and before the worst happens you be happy.

A wise woman doesn’t lose her man she makes him the best and a man who every woman can wish to be with quitting the marriage in the name of the man is not the best man, don’t make you a wise woman but instead make you a coward and you will just look as someone take what you call bad and make it the best.

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