Men don’t change after they get money.

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June 21, 2019
Your lady/wife is not an Evil one just make her happy.
June 21, 2019

Men don’t change after they get money.

When we meet he had nothing, he was not working but I was, I supported him as my man, he never cheated and he never lied to me he was the best man and a  man that every woman can wish to be with. but after he secured that well-paying job he started disrespecting me and he started cheating and when I catch him with this woman he drops him and looks for a new one. This is just but a story that so many women will narrate about how their men changed after they secured a job they will all blame money and men, but who to blame.

When he used not to work and you were working you always went home late, he is the one who washed your cloth, cooked and prepared breakfast and at the end of the day you would come and complain over everything, he was not cheating but this is according to you as you were blinded by how you used to compare him with your male workmates and you came home late so you didn’t know what he was doing during day time and what made him fight hard to have his ego up there despite all that he was going through.

When a man who had nothing and who used to go through all that he can describe as hell, get what they think they didn’t have, they always try and look for what they believe they have been lacking from the woman they have been with and try it with the woman they had in secret as they believe they can’t find it here as they have never had it with the woman he had been with.  a woman should always treat her man right with or without and should play the role of a woman even if she is the one who is working and the man is not, men don’t change they just fail to see the real woman in you not because of money but because of you as a woman.

The problem is not the baby Mama but the problem is your man.

Being Number two is the best position for any woman and at the same time entertaining Number two..

69,000 newborns at risk.


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