Moses Kuria the Coward of the Country.

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January 11, 2019
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January 15, 2019

Moses Kuria the Coward of the Country.

Being a leader means putting what is of interest to people who you lead first, fighting for them and making sure that they are not left behind, Kenyan politics have become a game of being on that side that will make you win again after serving for five years, now parliament is full of new member of parliament as others were not able to take side and choose wisely the people to walk alongside, as people vote party not individual and what follows is regret every day as all that he does is based on what will benefit people but what they are told to do.

Moses Kuria who was  initially introduced to politics by President Uhuru Kenyatta tried to fight for his people and be different from others, when he directly confronted the president for neglecting the region that voted him in block and instead of giving them first priority development wise  he is now initiating projects i.e roads, hospitals, electricity, water projects and others to the regions that didn’t want even want to see his poster in their region, Moses Kuria stood tall and questioned him demanding for a change for the region but after being criticised by leaders from mt Kenya region who don’t care about people but  next term. despite being supported by compact majority he have decided to betray people because of power.

The move that Moses Kuria Took yesterday that’s apologising to the president its not because he did wrong but its all because he became self-centred and all now he care is about party and his seat meaning another term from people of Gatundu South, apologising make him be a coward and the most selfish leader in 2019, and it didn’t happen because he respect president as what he said in his statement had no disrespect but its all because he is fearing to lose his power and their friendship but just know even the president himself have one vote.

To Mr President watch and listen to the clips as Moses Kuria address you and do something as what he said is true and do something.