My wife was my Late Brother wife.

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July 21, 2019
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July 21, 2019

My wife was my Late Brother wife.

I left the country to further my studies and after my education I secured a job there so I didn’t come back to my country, I didn’t even attend my brother wedding neither did I attend my grandparents burial but not my will, as I knew if I came back I couldn’t have another chance to get back to where I lived.

I loosed my two brothers via road accident and still I was not able to attend their  burial, my parent were not in good terms with the wife of my young brother so when he died they just told her to pack and leave  and because she didn’t have a kid with the man she had no reason to stay.

I met a lady on Facebook we talked for long and despite the distance, we decide to be lovers and all was good.  I applied for a job in the country and due to my good recommendation I secured one when I came back, I camped at this lady house which she made me understand and take it as my house although after a few weeks we moved, I didn’t introduce her to my parent immediately but when she narrated her story to me they used to sound familiar.

Within no time she gave birth to a baby boy, and that’s when I decided to take her to my parent. And that’s the day that I came to learn that the lady who is now my wife the mother of my son was my younger late brother wife, I know how we meet but my parent think that she targeted me they are claiming that they will disown me if I don’t let the lady go, what should I do.


Am so sorry as what you thought will be celebrated raised questions, my advice to you is simple it doesn’t matter where or what she was before you meet her,  what she is now is what that matter and that’s your wife.

What makes a man a gentleman it’s not providing for his family only but also for protecting his family protect your family and fight hard for it as that’s what makes a man.

All the best.

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