Not money nor living standard but househelp.

The send me fare message that became successful
November 1, 2019
Floods have claimed the life of two in Baringo.
November 3, 2019

Not money nor living standard but househelp.

Where you are as couples that is not where you were when you met and when you decided to be with each other you become a team and you work extra hard and you change your life and achieve a lot by then you are happy as a couple  and many people and young couple use you as an example when they are referring to the best love birds, you are blessed with a kid one or two and from then things change and the man who used to come early start lasting and  even not coming home sometime and all a woman do is blame money and sometimes start saying its all because she gave birth.

When you were not blessed with kids you were able to work and help each other when it came to house shores but after the kids the duties became more and because at the same time you two have to continue with daily hustle you don’t have an option but to employ a house help so that you can be in a position to work stress free and the family is one but the man is not happy like he used to be and its not because of the house help not because of kids and not because his wife.

When a woman employs a house help she forgets that the house help came in because of the kids as per when there were no kids there was no need of house help, the house help now don’t only attend to kids but also to the woman’s husband, when the man comes late she is the one to open the door for him and serve him food, she is the one who washes his clothes and at the same time she is the one who knows of where about this man clothes, and all a woman can do is have time with her phone as her responsibility are taken care of by someone else and that’s why before you term your man behavior as immoral see upon what you do to him and for him every day.

The send me fare message that became successful

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