Qualities of a Good Husband.

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January 10, 2019
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Qualities of a Good Husband.

In the beginning, God created man and later He created a woman to help him, it is God command that a man should love his wife and a woman should submit to his husband. The high rise of single parenting mostly nowadays it’s caused by divorce and separation unlike a long time ago when it was caused by death. It takes courage for a woman to let go her husband which means letting go the marriage which it is  caused by a man not being a real man which I had discussed in my earlier article some will say that she didn’t have quality of a good wife and that’s why It collapsed, the only thing that can bring this blame game to an end is being a good husband. nobody is born bad or good we choose who we want to be this is just but few qualities of a good husband that everybody wants to know.

He loves you the way you are.

You can’t be perfect and nobody/nothing is perfect  in this world, we all make mistake disregard of the gender, a good husband will love you and show you love despite your fault instead of fighting you and keep distance, he will be there to let you know your mistake and help you work on your mistakes as he loves you when you are right and when you are wrong.


A good husband communicates, he involves his wife when he is doing something, he corrects his wife when she does wrong, he values his wife’s by supporting her suggestion and discuss everything he wants to do thus making his wife open up too.


Men are born to provide and sometimes things get worse not only at the workplace but also sometimes fights  breaks up between the loved one. a good husband always makes things better and at the same time, he makes sure that a day doesn’t end when they have not solved the dispute.


Sometimes it’s like infidelity run in men’s blood, but a good husband Is honest and free from cheat, he doesn’t go out there messing around with ladies he is contented with his wife.


A good husband values his marriage, thus making sure that he forgive and forget what his wife has done he doesn’t lay blame on his wife when kids go astray.

Owning his mistakes

Men’s sometimes make decisions based on ego, and this makes it hard for a man to accept that he has done wrong thus making things hard for both party and making a smooth flow of their marriage difficult. Saying sorry, forgive me don’t make you less but make thing work for you, a real and a good husband owns his mistakes correct them and let go.

Being a good husband means being a superhero doing an extraordinary thing for your family to stand tall.

Look out for the next article where I will be talking about mistakes that men do that raise questions to women and they wonder if they are real or they are hyping.