Stop telling men to stop cheating.

Self-respect starts with you and the real you start from the inner being but defined by friends.
July 21, 2019
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July 22, 2019

Stop telling men to stop cheating.

If you want to deal with addiction:  it starts by dealing with a problem that contributed to you abusing what you are addicted to, if you just stop what you were doing it will affect you greatly and it will cause a problem that will be hard to deal with. it takes time to make sure that he/she has fought with the addiction and there will never come a time that he will be back there, but some people who believe are professional will always say and advice on just stopping without warning  people about the side effect this also happens in real life situation when a man cheats.

There is no man who will ever leave his wife to be with another woman,  but circumstances force him and that’s why every man will have a reason:  why he went out there,  why he left his wife and started a life with another woman, when counselors  intervene they will come and tell the man  to stop cheating not knowing that cheating is like drug when this happens the man will realize that people know that he is cheating and all that he will do is to drop the lady and look for another woman after some time but the question is can this problem be dealt with.

Before telling men to stop cheating teach them to cheat in a moderate way that will show respect to the woman, the woman will become an ideal woman and the man will feel respected and with this he will always want to be home with his family but if you tell him to stop cheating the problem is still there and you haven’t solved it and that’s why he will keep on moving from one woman to another as what made him go out there is still there. Don’t tell a man to stop cheating tell them to respect their women.

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