What a man need from his wife.

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November 1, 2019
Why a man feel comfortable out there than in his house.
November 1, 2019

What a man need from his wife.

If something happens between couples the man is the one who is blamed over everything, even if its the woman who was on the wrong. the high number of the gender that can be blamed with infidelity is male but this is not the fact that women don’t cheat nor are not involved in the thing that can break the family, according to science a woman can be in a position to multi-task but a man cant so there is high possibility that women are the people who cheat more than men but they are so smart and that’s why they are not caught.

The sense that is so active in a man is sight and the one that’s so active in a woman is hearing, and that’s why a man is attracted and believe into what he sees while a woman believe and walk on what she hears, when a man sees he is attracted and he decides to approach and because he will not be caged he will always see and he will always want to approach but there are somethings that can hold a man together  and make him see, talk and not wish to be with what he had already seen.

When a man saw a woman he approaches her and propose to her it a move, and the next move is making her his  own and when a man own a woman the beauty he used to see in her vanishes and he starts getting attracted to some other things  and that’s why a woman will concentrate on her beauty  and forget that there are some other things that apply and counts when it comes to marriage a man want to see not only a smart woman but also a woman who is keeping his home in order and a woman who always change water into wine and that’s the strength of the sense of sight in a man.

Men dont talk about whats going wrong, they act.

Wife material.

The Best thing that an Ex Lover Can offer.

Your Man is Re-marrying soon, Reason:

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