James A. Garfield’s death changed the system of political patronage.
August 3, 2019
John F. Kennedy’s murder assisted in the civil rights era.
August 3, 2019

William McKinley’s assassination created the Secret Service.

IN U.S soil it happened again when Anarchist Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901, shot President William McKinley. It was just a normal day and McKinley was shaking hands at a public reception at the Pan-American Exposition, a fair in Buffalo, New York.


It was a well-planned assassination as Czolgosz concealed his weapon with a handkerchief and shot McKinley twice in the stomach at a very close range. Which led to McKinley death that was contributed by a gun wound eight days later, that on September 14.


His assassination led to the creation of a modern Secret Service. By then-presidential security was lax and often just a piecemeal. But After his death, a Secret Service –which originally was a branch of the Treasury Department that was created to investigate counterfeit currency – and this time it became the President’s dedicated, and permanent security detail.


His successor, the man by the name Theodore Roosevelt, who was widely regarded as the first modern president. Roosevelt, he went ahead and increased the power of the executive branch which was contributed by enforcing strong anti-trust legislation at home, while simultaneously doubling the influence of the United States in global politics abroad.


John F. Kennedy’s murder helped usher in the civil rights era.

John F. Kennedy’s murder assisted in the civil rights era.

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