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February 12, 2019
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February 13, 2019

World’s First adhesive postage stamp 1st May 1840


All you need today is a minute to type a message on your cell phone and send it to all you want to deliver the message to, and as the sender, you are the one who will be charged. Back then when cell phone didn’t exist people communicated through letters where the receiver is the one who used to pay and this was according to the number of sheets of paper that the letter comprised and for the distance covered.



The letter of two pages traveling for one hundred miles used to cost 18 pence or one shilling and sixpence, but after the postal Reforms of 1840 when the penny black was mentioned by Rowland Hill the same two-page letter traveling for one hundred miles would cost just one penny.

penny postage introduction resulted in increased trade and prosperity as more people started sending letters postcards and Christmas cards than ever before.


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